06 May 2024 - We Are Horror Records welcomes das GHOUL to the family!

Uninitiated? Prepare yourselves for a spine-chilling blend of punk’n’roll and deathpop as das GHOUL announces its partnership with We Are Horror Records. Emerging from the eerie shadows of Witney, Oxfordshire (UK), das GHOUL was birthed in 2016 under moonlit skies that held more secrets than met the eye. Armed with an 8-track recorder and fueled by a penchant for experimentation, Murry Burnett extended an invitation to Craig The Plague, weaving together dark musical tales that transcended mere curiosity.

What began as an ordinary collaboration swiftly metamorphosed into something hauntingly extraordinary. Craig’s sinister vocals and guitar prowess intertwined seamlessly with Murry’s relentless drumming. The ensemble was further enriched by the addition of Laurence Llewelyn Beale on bass and Octavia Von Wakeman on keyboards, solidifying their macabre sound. Clad in haunting masks since their very first gig they have captivated audiences across the UK, offering a unique blend of horror-themed anthems.

“Noise-Das-Noire,” their debut album released in 2019, stood as a testament to their unwavering commitment to the dark arts of music. Drawing inspiration from legendary acts such as The Damned, Screaming Lord Sutch, and the twisted humour of The League Of Gentlemen, das GHOUL’s compositions evoke moonlit graveyards, haunted castles, and the faint whispers of the supernatural — all laced with classic British wit.

Now, as they embark on this new chapter with We Are Horror Records, das GHOUL vows to shatter the boundaries of horror-infused punk. Their sights are firmly set on captivating audiences worldwide, promising a wave of terror that will simultaneously thrill and chill to the bone.

Here is what both had to say on this new working collaboration:

das GHOUL: "We’re excited to carve our name onto the roster and spread, plague-like, our morbid humour melodies into some more creepy ear holes."

We Are Horror Records: "My search for talented artists to work with is pretty much never-ending. More and more lately I have been looking closer to home for bands to work with. I enjoy being quite 'hands-on' and working with bands from the UK is only going to help that! das GHOUL have been on my radar for a couple of years, and now I'm elated to say we have decided to put our horror heads together! This is certainly going to be fun... and as the band themselves say; "Marvellous behaviour!"

Brace yourselves — the brand-new 6-track E.P., “More Spectral Manoeuvres in the Dark,” is poised to descend upon the unsuspecting public on June 7th.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dan Phillips

We Are Horror Records

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2 Apr 2024 - We Welcome Pumpkin Guts To The We Are Horror Family

It's time for another announcement! This one has been in the works for a while now, so brace yourselves for a ghoulishly good time as Pumpkin Guts officially joins forces with We Are Horror Records! From their acoustic beginnings in the eerie October of 2021, Pumpkin Guts is all set to haunt your playlists with their catchy bone-chilling melodies fueled by a love of "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark."

“We are so excited to be signed to the label! It is nice to know that someone has enough faith in our project that they would want to also attach their name to it. We are excited for what is to come while working with this label and to form stronger connections with other bands in the scene.” says the band about this collaboration.

“I have been dying to work with Pumpkin Guts for years, I’ve been a fan ever since their inception and I’m so happy to finally announce their signing to my label. They are a great band and even better people.” adds Dan Phillips of We Are Horror Records.

To celebrate the occasion we are delighted to share with you a brand-new song! Taken from the forthcoming compilation “Horrorpunk’s Not Dead! Vol. 3” (out Friday!)

Endless Hunger [Official Audio] Music Video:

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22 Mar 2024 - Toria and The Terror unleash Terror and Queer Punk Sensibility with Signing to We Are Horror Records

Liverpool, UK — March 22, 2024 — Liverpool's dark streets are about to echo with the chilling melodies of a new era in punk as Toria and The Terror announce their signing to We Are Horror Records. Led by the enigmatic Toria Terror and fueled by the collective talent of Aaron Stafford, Luke Dolphin, and Tristan Smith, this queer horror punk quartet promises to redefine the genre with their unique blend of terror and empowerment.

"We like for each of our songs to be unique and have a different story with its own universe," shares Toria Terror, lead vocalist of the band. "We take inspiration from more than just other horror punk bands, such as goth, metal, and emo. We are a queer band that believes in intersectional feminism. We do not tolerate any misogyny, homophobia/transphobia, and/or racism of any kind." Drawing inspiration from the likes of Misfits, Bauhaus, and My Chemical Romance, Toria and The Terror invite listeners into a world where terror reigns supreme. Themes of love, mental illness, and empowerment intersect with the macabre, creating a tapestry of sound that is as thought-provoking as it is thrilling.

"We are so honoured and elated to be signed to We Are Horror Records and we look forward to growing and creating with them." expresses the band in a statement. This new signing marks a significant milestone for us as we continue to expand and diversify our music catalogue. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates in the coming weeks." said Dan Phillips of We Are Horror Records.

Toria and The Terror are set to unleash their terror upon the world under the banner of "We Are Horror Records," leaving an indelible mark on the punk landscape.



8 Mar 2024 - Los Morts re-sign with We Are Horror Records, and release new single

We have some exciting news to share with you! Los Morts, the Peruvian horror punk band, is back with the We Are Horror Records family.

Their upcoming single "Going Down to Die" will be available on all streaming platforms on March 10. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can enjoy their previous album "Slasherpunk" on any streaming service.

Going Down To Die single:


Los Morts Socials:

4 Mar 2024 - Tricie and The Phantom Punks sign to We Are Horror Records

Tricie and The Phantom Punks, the ultimate horror punk sensation in Texas, have officially joined the We Are Horror Records family!

With new releases on the horizon, this partnership will be to die for… Beginning with the exclusive track “Darling Richie” on the compilation “Horrorpunk’s Not Dead! Vol. 3” due for release on April 5, there's plenty more news to come so stay tuned.

“I have been following Tricie and The Phantom Punks since their first EP, I'm excited to be working with them! They're easily one of the most exciting horror punk acts in the world today” says Dan Phillips of WAHR about the signing.

Your Coffin is Ready Video:

Tricie and The Phantom Punks Socials: